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Welcome to the Salahshoor Lab at Duke!

Our goal is to devise fundamental, data-driven innovations in understanding and modeling of complex materials and structural systems to address the mechanistic challenges in health and sustainability.

The Salahshoor Lab's mission is to expand current knowledge in physics of solids, and benefit society by addressing relevant engineering challenges, through research at the intersection of mechanics, data science, biology, and applied mathematics. We are committed to foster an inclusive, supportive, and collegial atmosphere.

Although our research thrusts encompass different materials and systems, each follows a similar goal and strategy: Aim 1: Identify emerging/unresolved mechanical phenomena in complex systems and the corresponding theoretical and computational challenges, solving which leads to impactful discoveries. Aim 2: Address these challenges by developing tools and making fundamental innovations in modeling approaches at the pertinent length scale, such as atomic, micro-, and macro-scale, appropriately informed by data. Aim 3: Establish these data-centric predictive models to work effectively in concert with experimental efforts to further expand understanding of physical phenomena and their control through the structure, applied fields, or other means.

An important focus area of our lab is to understand how ultrasound waves interact with biological tissues across scales, and what we can infer from mechanics of such systems through ultrasonic biomolecular agents.